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7 Ways Being A Better Cook Can Make You A Better Lover


Some guys just can’t understand how cooking could possibly make you a better lover. Trust us, it can, and it will. In fact there are quite a number of ways it can help you (seven, according to this Loveawake dating site list!). The art of cooking and the art of lovemaking, share certain similarities with one another. Finding those universal parallels can make you better in the “art” you choose. As always, improvement comes with practice. Both arts are pretty fun to practice, right?

Attention To Detail.

Great cooks pay attention to every conceivable detail when preparing a meal. Now, apply this approach to cooking to, say, foreplay. The man who pays attention to what a woman likes is the man who will always be able to please that woman. Pay attention to her details… what she likes, what she doesn’t, what makes her move, and things she doesn’t respond to. Once you refine your love recipes, you’ll be a four-star lover.

Not Worrying About Messes.

An individual with awesome culinary expertise doesn’t mind getting down and dirty to create that masterpiece. What’s a bit of flour on the floor if the food tastes exquisite? As a lover, you should strive to think the same way. Who cares about getting sweaty, or messing up their hair? When you’re making love, all that matters is that act itself. Everything else is inconsequential. Learn to submerse yourself completely in your lovemaking. If you don’t even wrinkle the sheets, how good can you be?

Open To Learning.

Great cooks aren’t born knowing how to throw a wonderful meal together. They pick up tips along the way. Don’t be so arrogant as to think you can’t learn new tricks. Be open to learn things from your lover. The first guy to ever put bacon and cheese on a hamburger got the idea from somewhere else. So will you pick up great ideas from outside sources as well. Some could even come from your partner, so keep your ears open just like you do in the kitchen.

Solid Foundation

Once again, it’s important to understand that greatness is very rarely born out of nothing. Instead, greatness is built upon an already steady foundation. Great cooks learn the basics first. Then they apply a certain level of uniqueness, a certain personalization to their work. You should do the same when you set out to become a great lover. Learn how to kiss. Learn how to stimulate her mentally, as well as physically. Get comfortable with the basics first, then master your own creative approach to loving.

Following Instructions. 

This is pretty self explanatory. Good cooks know how to read a list of ingredients and instructions and produce a meal. In your case, learn to listen to her in order to know what she likes, what to do next. Moans, sighs, and heavy breathing will be your guide. Follow her clues and amaze her with just how in tune with her you can be.

Overall Creativity.

Simply put, constantly try to find new things to send your lover over the edge. If a cook can make the best steak and nothing else, he won’t get very far. If he has the creativity to come up with new meals, new tasty treats, he’ll make a name for himself. It’s not good for you to only know how to do one thing in the bedroom. They have toys that can do “one thing.” Be the guy who can think outside the box. Be the guy who can do things to her that she’s never had before. It all starts with having an open mind.


With a little experience and confidence comes the ability to wing it. You ever see you mom looking in a cookbook? No, she’s done it so much, she’s come up with her own ways to do things. No pepper? Use chili powder. The same rules apply to you in the bedroom. Just because one thing ain’t working, doesn’t mean you can’t come at your lover in another way. Learn to know when to break the rules.

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